10 Reasons Every Latina Professional Should Join the Ella Institute

March 20, 2013



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10 Reasons Every Latina Professional Should Join the Ella Institute

On March 11, 2013, Dr. Angelica Perez-Litwin, founder and CEO of the ELLA Institute, opened the virtual doors to the institute’s online network. The ELLA Institute is an online community of mission-driven women who are serious about advancing their careers. The new network allows women like you to connect with other professionals, leaders, experts, mentors and coaches from across the country and around the world!

Here are the top 10 reasons you should join the Ella Institute:

  1. Join a community created by and for Latinas – ELLA Institute understands what Latinas want and need from a professional network. The institute is a response to the gender and ethnic disparities in leadership roles across top companies, organizations and academic institutions. Women, especially Latinas, are grossly underrepresented in executive suites and at boardroom tables.These disparities have direct implications on the earning potential, career advancement and leadership influence of Latinas across the country.
  2. Gain access to professional development opportunities – ELLA Institute takes a comprehensive approach to career and leadership development. In formulating what women need to advance their careers to the next level, ELLA Institute examines the sociocultural, organizational and personal elements that impact career success. The dynamic interplay of these elements is considered when developing effective programs and curricula.
  3. Build authentic relationships – The ELLA Institute is so much more than a LinkedIn for Latinas. Latinas do so much more than make connections; we build thriving communities. The relationships you form in the ELLA Institute will likely emerge from collaborative conversations, engaging group discussions or dynamic causes. Your fellow members are likely to become your closest friends and confidants.
  4. Enjoy access to reciprocal mentorship – Find a personalized coach and invest in peer mentoring. The ELLA Institute uses a coach-mentor approach to career and leadership development, which focuses on teaching skills, developing talent and exploring strategies.
  5. Contribute to innovative ideas – Join or create public and private groups based on your interests, profession or region. Learn from and inspire one another to turn your dreams into realities. No matter your passion, you can gather a group of Latinas who will work through the most difficult of issues to find creative solutions.
  6. Find and promote critical resources – Share videos, blog posts and materials that you think can help your fellow Latinas. Gain access to job boards, browse a career library and search for research opportunities. Additionally, the ELLA Institute has an open application call for a $1,000 scholarship to a Latina doctoral or post-doctoral student conducting a dissertation or research project on Latinas, career advancement or leadership. By promoting research, the institute hopes to impact public policy and inform best-practices curricula in professional development programs.
  7. Celebrate your successes! – Share your moments of triumph with a community of supporters. The ELLA Institute will teach you to celebrate and nurture your talents and accomplishments.
  8. Join the Career Fellowship Program – The Career Fellowship Program is a powerful and unique training program that utilizes innovative ways to advance your career and sharpen your leadership skills while focusing on social impact. The program uses a multi-method learning and training approach that is dynamic and engaging. It also leverages the talents and skills of the cohort by engaging members in powerful think tank sessions that promote creative thinking, problem solving, peer mentoring and confidence.
  9. Be part of a movement with endless possibilities – The ELLA Institute is what you make it because you are the engine that drives it forward. Your dreams, goals and aspirations shape the mission, purpose and values of this institute. The potential for this network is only limited by the sum of our communal creativity.
  10. This incredible community is free to join until April 30, 2013! – You can be among the first to join a powerful network of Latina game-changers. Are you ready to be part of an influential community of Latina leaders and to make a choice that will impact your life and career for the better? Join the ELLA Institute today !

Gaby AcostaGabriela D. Acosta  is a member and supporter of the ELLA Institute. She serves as the community manager for the University of Southern California’s masters degree in social work online, which helps talented community leaders kick start careers in social work. She is passionate about social justice, community organizing and leadership development

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    • Gaby

      Hi Tracy! Looking forward to having you join us at the ELLA Institute! Once you join, feel free to friend me. I’d love to connect with you about your work and passions! In the meantime, you should check out the Latina Leadership Network group on facebook. It’s very active and has been a real community of support for me in my early career development. Hasta pronto!



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