Blogging Basics: 4 Blogging Rules Not to Follow

February 22, 2013

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© Anson - Fotolia.comDo you follow any blogging rules? 

Do the rules you follow dictate how you run your site?

Do you believe these rules should exist in a medium that is still evolving?

For me, blogging is a way of communicating information people can relate to, share with others and have conversations about.

Blogging is a medium of self expression and is a space created essentially for those who simply do not want to be held back by rules or set guidelines.

Below I have made a list of just a few rules that have been doted around the space for years and have shaped how many run their blogs.  These rules have become mantras for some but do not quite fit the needs of every blogger in the space.

In the blogging world, you simply can not fit a square peg in a round hole as this medium was not created to meet any set standard because as we have all seen, what works for one does not work for all.

  1. Content Rules! Although content is extremely crucial when creating and maintaining your blog, it is what you do with that content that truly matters.  Content alone does not draw in an audience, it is the strategy you build around the content that will get your words noticed.
  2. You must be everywhere to be noticed. Creating multiple social media channels but never utilizing them is a complete waste and is unnecessary.  Keep it simple.  Stick to social channels that work for you/your brand and engage.
  3. Your posts should be SEO driven.  I believe you should write for your audience, not the robots searching the web picking up keywords.  People often waste an awful lot of time prepping posts and often miss the point of why they are writing to an audience in the first place.
  4. You must post every day to be properly noticed. Posting 4-6 times a week does not guarantee your traffic will grow massively.  All you will get from this is serious blogger burn out and loss of love/passion for your blog.  Here is how I see it; infrequently posting extraordinary content means a lot more than frequently posting a whole lot of nothing.

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Jessie Nuez

Jessie Nuez a native New Yorker covering stories that focus on mobile and personal technologies. You can find Jessie writing for her site The Wired Family. Follow her on Twitter @JessieNuez.

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  1. lisleman

    rules are for breaking in blogs.
    There is no way I would post everyday. I believe many followers don’t want to read a new post everyday. I agree about quality over quantity (but I think quantity gets you a few more points in word games). I believe it helps to add at least one picture to the post since the web is very visual.
    I think giveaways are overrated.
    lisleman recently old young man


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