8 Ways Bloggers Benefit from G+Communities

February 19, 2013



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© cienpiesnf – Fotolia.com

In recent weeks, we have explained Google+shared a video on how Google+Communities works and extends our virtual reach.  Now we continue with a variety of ways we as bloggers benefit from creating and taking part in G+Communities allowing us to grow without limitations.

Building and becoming a part of a community on Google+ has tremendous value for bloggers largely in part because it is evolving into a central hub for people to get together and ‘chat’.  It provides our voices to have further reach and can stay relevant for a longer period of time.

For bloggers, communities is becoming the place where it is easier to connect to other like-minded individuals without getting bombarded by  unnecessary ‘noise’ or spam. It is changing the dynamic of what we share, how we share it and with whom we share it with.  In a sense, Google+ has slowed the conversation down a bit and is allowing us to process the content before us without becoming a stream of words lost on a screen.

Several benefits Google+Communities provides bloggers include:

  1. The ability to conduct conversations on topics we care most about without being interrupted by other conversations.
  2. A place to ‘sit and chat’ via Hangouts to connect with others, have conversations, collaborate on projects and ideas.
  3. Highlighting and sharing content with community members.
  4. Content never getting old.  Community allows older topics to be easily accessible, and Hangouts to be recorded and viewed at a later date.
  5. Community members having the ability to openly contribute and receive feedback on ideas from others.
  6. Being able to pinpoint trends within topics being discussed providing conversations to continue evolve.
  7. Reestablishing yourself as a thought leader within your niche.
  8. Driving traffic back to your site.

G+Communities has created an avenue for members to easily access a platform to connect and simply converse.


Share: What are your first impressions of Google+Communities? Do you like what you see?


Jessie Nuez

Jessie Nuez a native New Yorker covering stories that focus on mobile and personal technologies. You can find Jessie writing for her site The Wired Family. Follow her on Twitter @JessieNuez.

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