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In addition to posts by the LBC team, our blog thrives on posts from these blogueras.

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Tracy López

Tracy López is a writer living outside the D.C. Metro area. Her blog,, examines cultural differences she discovers as she navigates life in a bicultural, bilingual family. She can also be reached via Twitter @Latinaish.

Vianney Rodriguez

A Proud Tejana who feel lucky to have the best of both worlds, Vianney Rodriguez was happily raised in Texas by Mexican parents. She spends her days in the kitchen blending her two worlds. In her blog, Sweet Life, she celebrates life, heritage, cooking, her eternal love for Texas and La Familia. You can find Vianney dishing up her favorite plates at Sweet Life and as the Food Contributor to New Latina. Follow her on Twitter @sweetlifebake

Yolanda Machado

Yolanda is the owner/writer of Sassy Mama in L.A. Her blog is dedicated to lifestyle features including beauty, plus size fashions, product reviews and giveaways, Los Angeles Events, and chronicling her journeys through life as she raises a daughter (…and a husband), while also working, going to school and blogging. She’s a little crazy, a lot of fun, very tired, and probably, the most honest person you will ever meet. You can also find her at Facebook and @sassymaminla

Helena Osorio

Helena Osorio is first and foremost the proud Mom of a  4 yr old. She balances marriage and motherhood with her full time job as a Broadcast Producer for a Global Advertising Agency. Based in sunny Miami, FL  she is pursuing a Certificate in Creative Writing and shares her love for story telling on her blog Follow her on Twitter! @pinkguayoyo

Eileen Campos

Eileen is a New York City Public School teacher in Brooklyn by day and a freelance writer, contributor to Mamiverse, wife, and mother of two boys by night.  Eileen is the founder of, where she shares her love of blogging about her pride in teaching, parenting, and the blessings and trials that life have to offer.  She graduated from NYU with honors with a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY from a Puerto Rican mother and an American father.  Eileen is married to her high school sweetheart for 10 years. Follow Eileen on Twitter @EileenCCampos.