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February 4, 2013

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empanadas-de-cajeta-0021~41What do I need to do to have a successful food blog?

How can I do to make my food blog amazing?

How can I get featured?

What tips do you have to make my food blog shine?

These are the questions new food bloggers ask me frequently.  My first response is PASSION; you must have an unwavering passion to begin and continue to be a food blogger year after year.  It’s hard work, late nights, a lot of dirty dishes and can take a while to find your groove.  But if decide to take the leap into food blogging (and I hope you do) here’s a few pointers to help you get started on the right track.

Be Knowledgeable ~ A great food blog offers tips, tricks and relevant information.  Try to add at least one kitchen tip with every recipe or feature a weekly how-to tutorial that can help your readers become more efficient in the kitchen.  Share your own downfalls and how you overcame them with helpful advice. Become their trusted source for a fool proof recipe that will wow their guests and give them a boost of confidence in the kitchen.

Be Consistent ~ Determine a posting schedule that works for you and stick to it.  Be consistent with your recipe formatting and write clear instructions. Proof read everything. Consistency will make people feel comfortable with your recipes and ensure they return to try another.    

Be Recognizable ~ Make your blog recognizable throughout every profile. From your blog to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, make sure your readers know that you are the same source. This opens new waves of communication and offers your readers a glimpse of what’s currently cooking in your kitchen.

Be Sociable ~ Encourage interaction through your blog and all social media platforms. Answer comments, offer advice on twitter or discuss what’s for dinner on Facebook.  Share photos of new recipes, share links to your favorite food blogs and invite your readers to share their recipes. Be approachable, readers enjoy knowing they can look to you for advice, daily tips and community.  

Be Informed ~ Know your readers. Research what is being searched for on your blog, what are your most popular posts and what topics are being discussed with you via your social media channels.  Add a few recipes that address these requests or offer links to a reliable food blog on your social media sites.

And Most of ALL:

Be Passionate.  Be Yourself.  Be Patient

Take it from me your hard work will pay off!

Soon your readers will admire you, enjoy you and LOVE you.   



A Proud Tejana who feel lucky to have the best of both worlds, Vianney Rodriguez was happily raised in Texas by Mexican parents. She spends her days in the kitchen blending her two worlds. In her blog, Sweet Life, she celebrates life, heritage, cooking, her eternal love for Texas and La Familia. You can find Vianney dishing up her favorite plates at Sweet Life and as the Food Contributor to New Latina. Follow her on Twitter @sweetlifebake

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