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February 18, 2013

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California  Collage 3~1Are you a foodie?

Do you enjoy cooking, sharing recipes or connecting with other foodies?

If food is truly your passion, you should consider sharing your own culinary expertise with other creatives in the space by starting your own food blog.

If you are worried about where to start or how to join the food community, don’t be.  By following just a few easy steps, you can begin running your very own food blog in no time.

Here’s everything you need to know to get your food blog started today:

Before you start a blog: Have questions or concerns? Here’s a great read from my fellow LBC contributor Jessie that will help guide your way.

Questions to ask yourself before you start a blog   

Have a goal: Will your food blog be used as a hobby, creative outlet, for the love of sharing, community or as an online resume for a career in writing?

Niche: What will you focus on? What are you passionate about? 30 minute dinners, desserts, gluten free or your adventures in the kitchen.  You are likely to continue blogging if you showcase something you genuinely have a strong interest in.   

Blog Name – Choose a blog name that reflects your style, your focus and your voice.  This is the name readers will associate you with in the future.  Also, make sure you do a Google search to see if that name is taken.  Keep it short, to the point and have fun with it.

Examples of great branding include Joy Wilson who is known as Joy the Baker and Angie Dudley who goes simply by Bakerella.

Choose a Platform: Decide on a platform you wish to publish your blog on.  Options include, WordPress, Blogger, Typepad or Squarespace.  Take a few days to research the pros and cons of each platform before you make a decision.  Also take this time to decide if you plan self host or go with the free hosting.  

Here’s an excellent guide to get you started:  Pros and Cons of Self Hosting

Choosing a Theme or Template: After you choose your platform pick a theme/template for you new food blog. Each platform offers a wide variety of free themes. Consider a theme that allows you the ability to customize it easily, offers great SEO features and maintains a support page.  Premium themes, which are available for purchase, offer extra features such as built in SEO optimization, online support and advanced customization.

Social Media: Jump online to build your community and begin connecting. Set up your social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and Instagram.

Another great read: 4 tips to starting a blog

I hope this helps you in your new journey into the food blogging world. I hope you join us in this exciting world of food blogging.

Let us know how things are going? Share your new blog link in our comments. I’d love to connect!



A Proud Tejana who feel lucky to have the best of both worlds, Vianney Rodriguez was happily raised in Texas by Mexican parents. She spends her days in the kitchen blending her two worlds. In her blog, Sweet Life, she celebrates life, heritage, cooking, her eternal love for Texas and La Familia. You can find Vianney dishing up her favorite plates at Sweet Life and as the Food Contributor to New Latina. Follow her on Twitter @sweetlifebake

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