Blogging Basics: Understanding Google+

January 30, 2013



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© Kurhan -

© Kurhan –

Are you trying to get into Google+ but you still don’t get it?

After signing up for the social network do you find yourself not sure where to start?

With currently more than 500 million registered users and well over 230 million active users, Google+ has changed how we communicate.

As a key player in social media, Google+ is becoming the place people feel comfortable making important connections without feeling bombarded with nonsense.

So if you are ready to give Google+ a try, below are a few key terms you should become familiar with.

Share: Do you use Google+? If so what do you think about it?  If you are not using Google+, why not?

Jessie Nuez

Jessie Nuez a native New Yorker covering stories that focus on mobile and personal technologies. You can find Jessie writing for her site The Wired Family. Follow her on Twitter @JessieNuez.

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