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February 27, 2013

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de su mamaBlogging becomes what you make of it and Vanessa founder of De Su Mama created a site using her voice to build a legacy for her babies.  Through culture, history, travel, heritage and love letters, Vanessa shares her world teaching us about empowerment, true love and patience.

Vanessa shares the importance of having her children know who they truly are and where they come from.  She uses her platform to encourage other parents not to sweat the small stuff and instead focus on what will help create well-rounded confident individuals. 

1. What made you create your blog?

I started my blog, De Su Mama, after the birth to my first child. Through letters of love and history, my hope was to connect with an older Alina. One perhaps searching for her personal identity, wondering about her family’s heritage, or maybe as a new mom seeking advice on motherhood. My desire was to build something tangible for my baby to see with her eyes and hold with her hands, all that my heart yearned for her.  In 2012, Daddy D and I welcomed our son, Sebastian, into our hearts and the desire to document our legacy grew exponentially.

2. What is the greatest lesson you have learned about yourself since you began blogging?

I’ve learned to be less critical of myself and to live with the self esteem I hope to raise my daughter to have. How can I expect Alina to be a self assured woman if I, myself, am not one? In writing about our legacy, a magical thing happened – I found my voice; one that I had previously quieted for fear of rejection, controversy or the like. I am so proud of De Su Mama, which in reality means I am proud of myself. That isn’t a statement I would have not felt comfortable saying before I started to write, photograph and express my inner self.

3. What have you learned about yourself in building your family’s legacy?

In making purposed efforts to build my family’s legacy, I’ve learned so much about myself. More importantly, I have learned about who I want to be. Values I want to pass down to my children, traditions we hold close to our hearts, and the path of self discovery are all things that take time to nurture. I truly believe in taking the time to define, document and understand what you want to leave behind to the ones you love. It doesn’t have to be through blogging or writing memoirs, but every parent should consider and purposefully create their legacy.

4. Children often make us look back and reevaluate and even question our own upbringing.  What have your children taught you?

That is so true! Raising children prompts us to look back, critically reflecting on what made us who we are, before moving forward with a set of values in which we build our family’s legacy. I don’t speak of it often, but being a product of divorce had a huge impact on my upbringing, and thus my parenting perspective. With all my heart, I want better for my kids. For me, and my family, that starts with a strong marriage as the foundation. Life certainly gets tough, but looking back my own upbringing, and looking forward to the legacy in which I am committed to building, a unified family is of high priority. We are not perfect, but we are 100% committed.

5. Did you ever think you would be inspiring so many to create their own family legacies?

No, I didn’t! I am humbled when a reader reaches out and shares a part of their stories with me. I am always surprised when they express that De Su Mama has motivated them to document their values and traditions. I love that social media has given us ways to connect and share and build a legacy for others to cherish.

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