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  1. Latina Mom Bloggers Get a New Platform: Blogs de Mamás


    Last week Todobebé announced the much-awaited official launch of Blogs de Mamás, a new community of blogs written in Spanish by several well-known Latina mom bloggers.  The news spread like wildfire within the Hispanic online community and was even celebrated by recognized general market bloggers.  The overall buzz was positive and even a feeling of “Ya era hora,” because it was about time that a prominent media company like Todobebé approached the burgeoning market of Latina mom bloggers with a project that utilizes the best each has to offer.

    The brainchild and “labor of love” of Jeannette Kaplun, Todobebé co-founder and host of the international TV show Viva La Familia, Blogs de Mamás sought out some of the leading voices en español in the Latina mom blogger world to be part of their launch.

    “Latina moms play such a crucial role in their families and many have found a true calling in blogging to share with others not only their experiences, but also tips, giveaways, and especially, friendship. Personally, I believe Latina Mom Bloggers need all the support they can get to continue to grow and extend their reach, since in the past we´ve seen them being overlooked. Todobebé has always been about building a community among those either planning, expecting or raising a child and this platform is a natural extension to support moms everywhere.” ~Jeannette Kaplun

    The topics these blogueras are writing about are part of regular conversations being had by parents, such as discipline, staying healthy, feeding, parenting rituals and more.  The idea is for this to become a collective platform of thoughts shared by online parents and for the bloggers to increase their visibility and audience through the TodoBebé platform.  As Silvia, one of the Blogs de Mamás bloggers puts it:


    “Anything new benefits my blogging because it brings new points of view and new challenges.  Sharing a space with other great bloggers, and working closely with Todo Bebé, is an opportunity to learn new blogging tools, tips, and ways to grow our own platforms and communities as well.”

    Jeannette continues to be one of the leading visionaries in this online space. She is now betting on a market many have their eyes on and that is quickly growing.

    “I don´t have a crystal ball to predict the future, but all the recent studies show how fast Hispanics are adopting and utilizing social media, so I think we will see tremendous growth in the demand for high quality, interesting and responsible content for Latinos (both in English and Spanish). The Latina Mom bloggers that are a part of Blogs de Mamás all blog with integrity and reflect how multicultural the blogging world has become.” ~Jeannette Kaplun

    I am honored to be one of the bloggers invited to be part of Blogs de Mamás and to share this space in Spanish with this talented group of blogueras:

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