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  1. 7 Useful Twitter Tools to Monitor Hashtags


    “I’m already on Twitter. Now what?” Photo by Rosaura Ochoa

    As bloggers, our use of Twitter as a way to promote, engage and measure our influence is getting more and more sophisticated each day.  We participate in chats, contests, tweet-ups, and monitor several hashtags at the same time, just to keep up.

    Last week I wrote about Klout, at the moment the most important tool to measure your online influence, and even listed the 31 Latina bloggers with a Klout score over 40. Today, I´ve put together a list of some of the tools that help you manage all the hashtags you keep track of and to keep archives of chats or parties you might have missed, or just want to relive.  Time to put your Twitter experience in overdrive.

    1. Tweet Chat–If you’re a newbie at Twitter parties, then Tweet Chat is a great option to get you to hop in to your first one.  It refreshes constantly and allows you to see just one stream of the action while automatically updating your tweets with the hashtag of the chat, or room, you’re participating in.  It is also great if you want to search for a hashtag and see the latest activity.
    2. Tweet Grid–For more advanced Twitter party-goers, or for those of you who just like to  jump in, this is one of the best ways to participate and host a chat.  While the site’s design is not very appealing, and it is confusing to find your way around it the first time you use it, once you get a hang of it you will find it much easier to participate in a live Twitter party. The beauty of it is that you can select the number of columns and what feed appears in each. So, in one you can have the party host(s), in another the hashtag stream, and in the last your @ replies.  You won’t miss a beat.
    3. Twitter Search–Much like Tweet Chat, it allows you to search for a topic or hashtag and shows you the current live stream.  The Advanced Search option lets you insert more specific details for your query so you can find any topic you want to keep up with.
    4. What the Hashtag (WTH?!)–Have you ever seen interesting tweets followed by some obscure hashtag (like #DLBChat) and wished you knew what it was all about? Well, WTH?! is a very useful “encyclopedia” of hashtags that creates pages with descriptions, related tags, official links to hashtag creators or owners, a list of the top contributors, as well as a stream of the last 10 tweets.  WTH?! is user generated, meaning you need to login and submit a hashtag for all the information to appear on its page.  If you ever host any type of Twitter chat, I suggest you submit it to WTH?!
    5. Twapper Keeper–I’ve been obsessed with Twapper Keeper for a while now. It’s been the best tool to keep track of hashtags for clients and Twitter parties.  You can search for any username, hashtag or keyword and create an archive that is searchable and even downloadable as an Excel spreadsheet.  The archive stats are incredibly useful to report metrics on any given campaign or user.  I recommend you go now and create an archive of your own twitter handle. You really never know when you might need to grab a tweet you’ve sent.
    6. The Archivist–Similar to Twapper Keeper, but with a more attractive design, it allows you to search Twitter and then save, analyze and export the data.  They have also made it very easy to share an excel or zip file of your archive. Another plus is that it allows you to save any archive privately.
    7. Hashtracking–Relatively new to the scene, it allows you to track and analyze any hashtag.  The focus is more in premium services for users who need real metrics of their influence and reach, and for companies looking to analyze and identify the real players in their campaigns.

    Do you have a Twitter tool you use to monitor hashtags?  What are some of the hashtags you are following at the moment?  Please share. We all learn.