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  1. The Anatomy of a Blog Post

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    The following post originally appeared on and has been reposted with permission by the author.

    Whether you’re a blogger, a company looking to partner with bloggers, or a reader, there are key markers to any blog post that you can expect–there’s a method to the madness! 8 key blog post components are outlined and discussed below so that you can 1) appropriately present yourself as a blogger, 2) expect certain deliverables from the blogger as a company, and 3) know what to expect as a reader. Follow along!

    Anatomy of blog latinabloggers

    1. Headline Image

    Every blog post needs to have an image, as humans process images 60,000 faster than they process words. Here’s a link to a list of over 53 image sources, and you can design your image to fit your blog post by adding your blog’s title and other design attributes by using Canva.

    2. Headline + Link Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Your blog post headline should be keyword-inclusive and average 65 characters. You can find best keywords using the WordPress SEO Plug-in by Yoast, which helps to optimize your post and title with SEO keyword(s) (assuming the blog is hosted on, or by searching for best keywords using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. When creating the blog post link, usually with keywords from the headline, use dashes between each word so that it’s SEO optimized.

    Wrong: has underscores and isn’t optimized for search engines.

    Right: used dashes, and the search engine recognizes each term (blog, post, and right) individually.

    For a free SEO analysis of your website, visit SEO Site Checkup.

    3. FTC disclosure (if applicable)

    The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) outlines how to appropriately disclose partnerships between digital influencers and brands. If you as the blogger are sponsored to write the blog post (both monetarily or just with product samples), include an FTC-abiding disclosure at the top by notifying readers the company you’ve partnered with to do so.

    Bloggers usually state that they’ve been sponsored by x company, but all opinions are the bloggers’ own, all in a single sentence.  Each blog theme varies, and some (like this one) have an option to incorporate an info box. It aesthetically differentiates the disclosure (or other information) from the post itself.

    4. Body: Bottom line, always tell a story, but there are wye to make it an engaging story, regardless of content.

    a. Consider Typography for Easy Readability

    You should differentiate the font size, font of the letters (uniformly, of course), and spacing (throwing out grade-school rules about paragraph length may be advantageous) in order to ease the readability for the reader. If your paragraph starts to run a little long, even if it’s all associated content-wise, space out the sentences and break it up into different sections/paragraphs. That’s why “listicles” like this one are popular; they break down the topics in an easy to follow format for the reader. Visit Type Genius for font pairings that fit your website’s persona.

    b. Word Length

    Word length is one of the reasons why you should vary typography. To optimize your blog post for SEO, your post should statistically be over 1,500 words (among other considerations). This runs the risk of appearing wordy and, thus, losing reader attention, but with varied typography, it’s more digestible and doesn’t seem like so much. It’s important to note, however, if you’re writing a product review, the blog post will inevitably be shorter (300-500 words). In this case, the company will likely provide a list of keywords and/or phrases to incorporate within the post.

    c. Images (optional, recommended)

    Having additional images embedded within the post makes it infinitely easier for the reader to get to the bottom of the page, which is what you as a blogger and company want. Make sure, however, that the images are relevant to the post. Having unrelated photos within the post detracts from its readability. Some posts include advertisements within the post, but I prefer not to do so within the post to reduce clutter. If I include images within the post, they’re directly related to the content and assist with telling the story or showcase a different aspect of the product if it’s a product review. Also, use the images sparingly or specify image heights and widths, or else they can add to the time it takes for the page to load.

    d. Click to Tweet from CoSchedule

    Most blog posts will have sharing buttons at the bottom/top/side/somewhere of the page, but the Click to Tweet button from CoSchedule easily allows a reader to directly tweet a specific sentence from the post. The Click to Tweet button will not only tweet a statement from within the blog post (as chosen by the blogger), but it will also include the blog post link. The blogger can include as many Click to Tweet buttons as they like, but should use it sparingly—think of readability. It may be useful to include a hashtag so that the tweet doesn’t just reach the reader’s followers but the community associated with a given hashtag, as well. Tagging the blogger in the tweet also helps, that way they are aware of the tweet and can retweet it!

    5. Giveaway (if applicable)

    If the blogger hosts a giveaway through,, or some other method, instructions and the platform will usually be at the bottom of the post. Oftentimes, there will be a plethora of ways to enter—following the blogger and/or company on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), tweeting to share the post/giveaway, and leaving a comment being the most common.

    It’s important to check the rules, as some giveaways allow a certain number of entries per day, allocate a different number of points (and, thus, entries) depending on the entry, or require a specific entry to unlock additional entries. Each giveaway platform discloses different information, as well, where PromoSimple only shows you how many entries you have but Rafflecopter will show total entries for the giveaway from all prize hopefuls.

    PromoSimple & Rafflecopter

    Hosted and promoted for a few days to a week, giveaways are great ways for companies and blogs to gain exposure and build an audience, as the blog and company reach the reader’s followers when they share a post. Further, giveaway winners often post their winnings on social media—who wouldn’t be excited to win a free prize? It’s to the company’s advantage to provide giveaway item(s). Companies should expect to ship the prize to the winner, as randomly selected by the blogger (either through the giveaway platform or other website, like

    6. Conclusion: Call-to-Action

    At the end of each blog post, you as a blogger want to encourage engagement from the reader. Ask a question for the reader to respond to in the comment box below the post.

    Readers, commenting on blog posts is encouraged!

    Even if you’re the first to comment, comment anyway! Contributing to the blog’s discussion ecosystem always helps.

    Disqus, comment luv, or the Facebook Comments Plug-in (where you can comment using your Facebook account) are all different commenting platforms for blogs.

    7. Social Share Buttons

    Share buttons allow readers to share the blog post on various social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon—and even allow readers to e-mail and/or print the blog post. You’ll usually see social media icons at the bottom of the post with some sort of directive like “Share this” so that you can share the post on your own social media platform.

    If you were engaged enough to reached the bottom of the post, share it with someone!

    Twitter is the easiest platform to share posts, as it’s expected for tweets to be continuous and for conversations and are not seen as spamming or cluttering someone’s feed. That’s what Twitter’s there for—sharing information!

    8. Follow-up: Always respond to comments

    A good blogger will always respond to comments. If the blogger is at a point where s/he’s received hundreds of comments, s/he gets a free pass, as it then becomes nearly impossible to keep up, but when a blogger’s building readership and learning more about a specific blog’s community of readers, it’s essential to engage with them. The readers are the ones who make or break the blog, so getting to know them is a must!

    Readers, the bloggers want to know you, and a great way is by contributing to the discussion through the comments. Did I leave anything out? What else would you consider in the anatomy of a blog post? Comment below!

    While this may outline the anatomy of a blog post, at the end of the day, content is key. Your content will dictate how well your blog post will perform, so make sure to focus first and foremost on delivering quality content.

    Once you’ve crafted a quality blog, share it on all your social media platforms. How else will anyone know about the awesome content you delivered if you don’t actually deliver it?!

    Just for kicks: Word count of this blog post? 1,538. Stay tuned for how to make sure you get the most out of each blog post component! Happy SEO-ing!

    Did I leave anything out? What else would you consider in the anatomy of a blog post? Comment below!

  2. Guide to Periscope

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    The latest social media app, Persicope has been taking over the digital world like firestorm. This new video streaming platform is easy to use and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

    periscope guide latinabloggers

    Bought by Twitter for a mere $100 million, it has only been live for just a few months. Over this short time, it has gained over 2 million users. What should you know about Persicope? Here’s the lowdown:

    What does it do?
    For your next event, there will be no need to hire a cameraman. Periscope lets you stream from anywhere. Yes, you can live stream from anywhere to your Twitter followers. Whoever is watching can easily leave a comment and ask questions which in turn is shown on your screen. Instant feedback. Wifi and editing not needed.

    Can I watch it anytime?
    You can rewatch any video from your followers for 24 hours after the live broadcast. Afterwards, your video disappears and no one can watch it. The ‘World Map’ displayed on the mobile app shows where all the live broadcasts are taking place. It serves as a grand opportunity for journalists reporting breaking news.

    Is it long-term?
    It’s possible as you’re able to keep it private. Imagine having your closest friends watching a life-changing moment. Keep in mind, there is a warning. Like all social media viewing apps, you can easily be recorded without permission.

    So the next time, you see a smartphone aimed in your direction, you might be shown live via Periscope.

  3. coLAB with #LatinaBloggers, Blogalicious and Alt Summit


    altsummit blogalicious latinabloggersconnect colabImage: ALT

    We recently attended Altitude Summit’s 9th conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was everything we expected ALT to be – creative, inspirational, lively and fun! We love when a conference leaves no stone unturned when it comes to details. And ALT delivered on every front when it came to making everyone feel like they were part of something special and that includes the announcement of coLAB.

    coLAB is collaborative project between three communities – Latina Bloggers Connect (that’s the L), Alt Summit (that’s the A) and Blogalicious, (that’s the B). We’re all teaming up to cross connect our communities and share ideas!

    Alt Summer attendees, Latina Bloggers Connect and Blogalicious attendees can opt into this program and will be partnered with a member of the other community. Together, partners will come up with a fun, collaborative project (large or small) and share their creation across their platforms. Some of these great projects will be feature on Alt’s social channels as well!

    coLAB latinabloggersconnect blogalicious altsummit
    Sound like something you’d like to be a part of? Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas to kick start your brainstorming, as per Alt Summit’s list of suggestions:

    • Engaging in specific collaborative projects (perhaps 2 takes on the same DIY, or two essays on a related topic), that would be presented on both participant’s blogs and/or social media outlets.
    • Introducing and interviewing each other on corresponding sites or social media to highlight each partner and what they have accomplished in their own community.
    • Consulting with each other on how each of you have achieved brand growth, what has worked, what has not worked, sharing information about blogger-friendly brands and contacts, and engaging in a conversation about the future of blogging as a business.
    • Creating a project (artist/crafter) sold on another partner’s site (shop owner).

    If you’d like to participate, please fill out this Latina Bloggers Connect coLAB form. by June 20th. We would like to get this going by the end of the month!

  4. You Are Good Enough

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    “Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.” I came across this quote online, searched it via Pinterest and couldn’t get enough of the various designs which came along with the quote.

    There comes a time where you might feel beaten. You try and try again and there is something or someone waiting for you to fall. The countdown begins 1,2,3. Do you get up or stay down for the count?

    Challenging circumstances can hinder your creativity and harm your spirit. Are you going through a difficult time where your spirit is being tarnished? Where do you turn? I’m here to tell you to simply shake it off!

    If your mind is set in letting others push you down, then they’ll win. The negativity will gain power and you’ll continue your downward spiral. Your inner spirit is fragile, but your mind is where you need to focus.

    Changing your mindset might be hard, but it is the only way to swim out it. There is no other choice. Why would you want to stay in the abyss of someone else’s misery? If someone is continuously belittling you and believe in their insults, you lose.

    The power within you is your hero. Once you make the conscious decision to rise above with grace, your environment will start to change. Your mindset will adjust to the positive. You will look in the mirror and say, “I am good enough!”

    Pull your shoulders back, hold your head high and just be amazing

    you are good enough quotes

  5. Pin Your Brand to Greatest

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    Pinterest is your vision board with endless inspiration. You are your brand and that brand needs to pop! So for your next board, keep these tips in mind for your B-R-A-N-D.

    how to make your brand great on pinterest

    Be Mindful of Your Reader

    When creating your boards, keep your reader in mind. Choose text wisely to catch your audience’s attention. Make sure to give clear descriptions to show what your boards are about.

    Reach Out

    Don’t be shy, engage. Pinning your content and re-pinning others is great. How about leaving a comment to other boards? Interact with your favorite pinners by leaving a mention. Review your notifications and see which influencers are repining your content. Locate online influencers who can be a future collaborator.

    Approach Pinterest Like a Search Engine

    Text plays just as important role as your visual content. Therefore, it would benefit your brand to think of Pinterest as a search engine. Pinterest gives suggestions based on words used in pin descriptions. Use keywords that represent your boards and will attract new readers.

    Note Other Ways To Promote Content

    Post different types of content. Utilize YouTube, Slideshare or audio from SoundCloud. As you write your blog, incorporate one of these ways for delivering your message. Your Pinterest board will show creativity.

    Drive Traffic

    Create a blog board that has all of your blog posts. After your posts are published, pin them to this board. This goes without saying, make sure your images are high quality and there is a link back to your original post on your site. A great alternative to using Photoshop is Canva or Picmonkey. For easy pinning for your readers, add a hover pin it button to all images on your website.


  6. Blogger’s Block?


    Blogger’s Block?

    We’ve all been there. Bloggers block creeps up as the uninvited guest. Do we welcome it or try to push it out the door?

    Look at these tips to get the blogger engine roaring again.


    overcoming blogger's block latinabloggers

  7. A Taste of Home with JetBlue

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    There is no place like home! Traveling back to our countries to enjoy time with the familia and get a taste of home is an amazing experience; one that JetBlue made possible for one Dominican family. JetBlue followed the Delgadillo family as they returned to Santo Domingo and with one touching video made everyone yearn for home. In collaboration with JetBlue we asked five Dominican blogueras to share their family reunion stories and what it meant for them to get a taste of home. The blogueras also had a surprise for their readers, a fantastic giveaway for two round-trip tickets to any JetBlue destination.


    Hungry, Food, Love
    “For the past ten years, every other year I spend Christmas in the Dominican Republic. A place where my heart beats to the beat of the tambor, güira, maraca and acordeón. Join me as I transport myself to the most beautiful land in this world through stories, pictures and great food. I’ll do this by sharing with you my top ten Dominican moments ever shared on this blog.”

    Dominican_republic1-700x549 Daily Curlz
    “There is no place like home, specially during the holidays and when home is a beautiful island like Dominican Republic. I don’t want to rub it in your face (well, maybe I do) but the holidays in Dominican Republic – the beach, the food, and the always smiling people are awesome.”

    carol-cain-jet-blue Girl Gone Travel
    “That joy in the video? I get that. That’s the joy you feel when you get a ticket home. When your heart strings pull you back to your culture, your people, yourself.”

    nytrendymoms-jetblueNY Trendy Moms
    “I’ve always looked for any reason to visit this beautiful country. There’s something about the air, the food, the people and the culture that you cannot get anywhere else. I was born and raised in New York City. My parents are from the Dominican Republic and I have to say, DR will always feel like my home away from home.”

    bani-mercedes-sanchezBe Chic Mag 
    “I try to visit the Dominican Republic at least once a year. Not just because of its beautiful beaches and culture, but because how important it is for me to continue traditions and celebrate life with my family and relatives. I pray that one day I could do the same with my own children.”

    Are you ready to go to the Dominican Republic?

    * content missing
    * content missing
  8. Dia de Reyes in Texas with Bush’s Cocina Latina

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    Last weekend some of our Texas #LatinaBloggers were invited to attend an intimate in-house pre-Dia de Reyes event to savor some appetizers made by Denise Browning of From Brazil to You.  The main ingredient for all of these delicious appetizers were all four flavors of Bush’s Cocina Latina bean line.  Warning: these dishes might just make you want to give up on some of your New Year’s Resolutions.


    Great times with At The Fire Hydrant, A Thrifty Diva, From Brazil to You, Family Love in My City, Hott Mama in the City and Your Sassy Self.


    From Brazil To You setting up.  We just can’t wait to taste it all.


    First up, a little bean pick me up.  This warm bean soup called Caldinho de Feijão is inspired by a Brazilian drinkable appetizer and is super easy to make.  It can be served with toast or pork rinds and it will have you wanting seconds.


    These mouth watering little “meat” balls called Almôndegas de Feijão, will have you fooled.  There really is no meat in them, but they definitely taste like their is.  Covered in tangy barbecue sauce, it gives your mouth a little zing.


    Salpicão de Feijão is a cold, but delicious bean salad.  It has green apples, raisins, and vegetables and can be  topped with shoestring potatoes for the perfect soft and crunchy mix.  It is not only be perfect for Dia de los Reyes, but any time of the year too.


    These Spicy Bean Corn Muffins are absolutely scrumptious.  Inspired by corn muffins, these little bites are made with beans a la diabla and resemble a jalapeño corn bread.


    Empty plates and lovely chat with some of the best San Antonio Latina bloggers.


    One last treat before we go.  One rosca de reyes coming right up! The perfect ending to this fabulous get together.

    For these and other great recipes using Bush’s Cocina Latina beans follow #ElFrijolazo.

  9. Beauty Tips and Secrets for a Healthy Skincare Routine


    No matter what kind of life you lead it’s important to always have time to care for your skin.  Everyone has different skin types and creating a routine that works for your type of skin is essential.  Some of our beauty #LatinaBloggers walk you through their beauty routines and offer a few great tips to help you customize your very own routine.


    Lynnette Joselly

    “Now I know I am not the only one who gets too tired to take off my makeup before going to sleep. First and foremost, falling asleep with makeup is an absolute no, no!”


    Yanira Garza

    “My home life can be hectic. But I have a routine. In the car, on the drive home, I’m already removing my make up with cleansing towelettes.”


    The Penny Closet

    “These Cleansing Towelettes are soft, textured cloths that work gently without drying the skin, It also removes the makeup great and leaves my face soft after it removes the makeup and dirt on my face. “


    Lola Blue Style

    “POND’S is one of the brands I always keep in stock at home and use it nightly, especially in the winter.”

    For more amazing beauty tips and routine shares follow #PONDSBackstage.

  10. 5 Ways to Write Amazing Posts To Build An Audience


    Do you dream of where you want your blogging to take you?

    Do you think about having your message as an expert in your niche to be noticed on a much larger scale?

    Well, in order to get noticed and share your message across a larger platform, you must learn all you can about the craft of writing.

    Learning about writing as an art form is the only way you can become a content curator and turn your words into a beautiful piece of art.

     “The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart.” – Maya Angelou

    Write to tell your story.  Discover yourself and what you believe in through your words as no one can tell your story like you can.

    Use the five tips below to get you to enrich the spirits of those reading your words.


    1. Generate an ongoing list of ideas. Ideas usually come you when you least expect it. Have a notebook or smartphone handy to jot down whatever comes to mind.

    2. Find topics that are of interest to you and your audience. How do you know if what you write about will be of interest of others? Put your work out there and see what bites.  You won’t know what will work until you try. Great writing stirs up emotion.  Test the waters and see what you can evoke in your readers.

    3. Deliver your posts consistently. How often you post depends on your ability to commit to your audience. If you can only post every Monday, then be sure that by Sunday night, your post is ready to go. Keeping a posting schedule that works for you will help you become more disciplined and consistent. It will also keep your audience awaiting

    4. Have confidence in your words. Your blog, your voice, your content. Do not ever be afraid to share your feelings or face your fears.

    5. Sit down and write. Practicing the craft of writing is the only way you can find your voice and become a true storyteller.

    Share: Is there anything that intimidates you when you about writing?