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  1. Blogging Challenge: Making The Most of December

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    Looking to make the most out of December?

    With 2012 rapidly approaching, we begin to look forward to a New Year full of many opportunities and endless possibilities but need to take into account that there is still some unfinished business to take care of before ringing in a New Year.

    Some ways to make the most out of the next few weeks is to:

    • Think and plan. Create your best project ideas. Don’t limit yourself.
    • Reboot yourself. Disconnect. Whether it’s taking a weekend off or a few days during the week. Take some time off to get those creative juices flowing
    • Re-evaluate 2011.  Assess everything that went down in during the year and work/plan to enhance, eliminate or rethink strategies used.
    • Begin committing to new habits like reaching out to other bloggers, network, write more, go outside of your comfort zone to seek opportunities, etc
    • Work on you. You can’t think about having a great and successful new year if you don’t take the time to work and better yourself

    So make what’s left of the year count for you.