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  1. The Basics of Networking Off-Line

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    One of the best ways to bring exposure to your blog is to network off-line. While we have covered many ways to interact online, giving a face to the blog is just as important.

    First compile a list of relevant groups you would like to interact with. This can include blog conferences, local events, meet-ups, chambers of commerce discussions or volunteer activities. Think entrepreneurial. If your business took off into a larger scale, then you would want the best person to represent your brand. Although these are basic tools to make a lasting impression, you’d be surprised how they can be overlooked.

    basicsofnetworking latinablogger blogtips


    1. Treat all conversations in any type of environment as an interview. Be mindful to approach every conversation as such with courtesy.

    2. Have plenty of business cards in your pocket. It shows you are serious about your blog. Highly recommend for various designs or customize your own.

    3. When you find someone that really ‘clicks’, find a topic that can link it back to your blog. That common interest can be a future collaboration.

    4. Exude confidence. Maintain eye contact and deliver a firm handshake. Your tone of voice will make the conversation flow. Don’t have wandering eyes or fiddle with your smartphone. If you do, it shows insecurity and you’ll lose the attention of the other person.

    5. After you have formed a great rapport, offer to be part of a panel, host a twitter chat. It shows your willingness to continue the conversation online.

    6. After the event is said and done, don’t let the networking stop abruptly. Send a thank you note or email.


  2. Blogging Challenge: Making The Most of December

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    Looking to make the most out of December?

    With 2012 rapidly approaching, we begin to look forward to a New Year full of many opportunities and endless possibilities but need to take into account that there is still some unfinished business to take care of before ringing in a New Year.

    Some ways to make the most out of the next few weeks is to:

    • Think and plan. Create your best project ideas. Don’t limit yourself.
    • Reboot yourself. Disconnect. Whether it’s taking a weekend off or a few days during the week. Take some time off to get those creative juices flowing
    • Re-evaluate 2011.  Assess everything that went down in during the year and work/plan to enhance, eliminate or rethink strategies used.
    • Begin committing to new habits like reaching out to other bloggers, network, write more, go outside of your comfort zone to seek opportunities, etc
    • Work on you. You can’t think about having a great and successful new year if you don’t take the time to work and better yourself

    So make what’s left of the year count for you.